Dimitar Peshev

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Demokratsiya, September 25th 1998

Italy honors Bulgaria's Schindler

ROME - An unusual commemorative program was performed last night at the Franco Parenti theater in Milan. It celebrated the memory of Bulgarian politician and parliamentarian Dimitar Peshev, who saved in 1943 all of Bulgaria's 48,000 Jews from deportation to the Nazi death camps. This information was broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

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  Also yesterday the wide-circulation Italian daily "Corriere della Sera" published an article by Arrigo Levi entitled "The list of Peshev - A Bulgarian Schindler". The author points out that Peshev's contribution to the rescue of Bulgarian Jewry has surfaced only now thanks to the book of Gabriele Nissim, "The Man Who Stopped Hitler in His Tracks".

The BBC broadcast makes a point of the fact that, except for Peshev, no other Bulgarian has been the topic of so much discussion in Italy's mass media and political circles in recent months. Appearing in the Milan commemorative show, entitled "Words and Music So We Won't Forget" and consisting of readings, songs and choral music in memory of Dimitar Peshev, was Bulgarian-born actor Moni Ovadia.

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