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SOFIA, February 25th 1998 - The proposal to set up the Peshev Memorial is introduced to the public. The press conference was attended by Mr. Peshev's nieces and friends, and by journalists from the Bulgarian press and television, and Radio Free Europe.

"Trud" Feb 25th and "Demokratsiya" Feb 26th 1998

The press conference

SOFIA, April 6th 1998 - On the newspaper "Trud" the following announcement appeared.

In support of a street named after the man who saved the Jews
  • Journalists of the radio program Dobar Den ("Good Morning") are calling on the people of Sofia to support initiative aimed at naming one of Sofia's street after the lawyer Dimitar Peshev.
  • As Vice-President of the 25th National Assembly, Dimitar Peshev in 1943 succeeded in stopping deportation of the Bulgarian Jews to Auschwitz. The story was first reported in Trud. A copy of the article published in the newspaper was used by Italian journalist Gabriele Nissim, who wrote a book about Dimitar Peshev, to illustrate an Internet Web site on the subject.
  • The journalists propose mounting a commemoratory plaque on the house where this Bulgarian died. This appeal was launched today at 10:30 am by the Hristo Botev program of the Bulgarian National Radio.

PARIS & ROME, June 2nd 1998 - Bulgarian philosopher Tzvetan Todorov and Italian writer and MP Furio Colombo having added their names to the list of members of the Peshev Memorial, the number is now over hundred.

A scuplture by Alberto De Braud
Would you like to organize a public meeting to remember Dimitar Peshev and his action? Please write to peshev@gariwo.net.

The book published by the Bulgarian National Assembly Milan, Rome, Sofia, Strasbourg


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